No sin mis huesos


In this work Iron Skulls continues developing its own language of movement.

As a main characteristic of its dramaturgy, the company enacts its influences

of directing negative energies into art. Mediterranean identity is addressed

as an area where many civilizations converge along history.

The combination of Hebrew, Arabic and Spanish culture with the urban dance,

Contact Improvisation and Butoh is conceived as a breeding ground

for searching our collective identity through movement.


PERFORMERS: Adrián Vega, Moisés Moe, Diego Garrido, Luís Muñoz,

Héctor Plaza, Facundo Martín, Anna Sagrera y Agnes Salas.

MUSIC: Willy Barleycorn.

RUNNING TIME: 50-60 min.

SPACE: Indoors.

PREMIERE: December 2016.