Digital Slaves


This company has not come here to give us answers but to nurture questions.

Who is who?

In this society insidiously led by technology, this duo challenges the observer with innumerable wonders.

Who has dominate whom? Who is being programed?

A brief review of the history of tools attempts to raise awareness among the audience.

These symbiotic two lifes, dependently and independently cohabiting, will move our mind to

the unknown places where dance and ideas are encoded.

Will we wake up before it is too late? Will we correct the bugs of the software?

If we like to remain amused and paralyzed, Digital Slaves is a must-see.


DIRECTION & CHOREOGRAPHY: Diego Garrido & Luis A. Muñoz.

PERFORMERS: Diego Garrido & Luis A. Muñoz..


SPACE: Outdoors / Indoors.