Who we are

Iron skulls is a experimental dance company from Barcelona; it borns in 2012 beginning with bboying (Breakdance) group called Iron Skulls Crew. Composed by dancers from a few points from península ibérica. Identified about their personal style and the desire to investigate about their limits in the movments. Hereby, their members are focus in disciplines like martial arts, contemporary dance, urban dances, hip-hop, musical production, design, and fashion… giving them some tools to develop themselves, and growing up in their own style.



Adrian Vega
Dancer / Choreographer / Spokesman

Bboying dancer since 2000, he travelled a lot since, participating in some very representative events of Bboying culture such as “THE IBE”
(Holland), “Eurobattle” (Oporto) and “Fluid Contest” (Rome). He has also done advertising work for brands like “Bacardi Limon”, “Mutua
Madrileña”, starred in the anti AIDs campaign of the Generalitat and Yoplait. He is currently …READ MORE


Bene Carrat
Dancer / Professor / Choreographer

Coming from Albi (France) Béné is, since she can remember, a dance lover, training in various dance styles such as ballet, modern jazz and
tap from a very early age. Having undertaken a professional training in the prestigious school “James Carles” in Toulouse, where she
specializes in being a choreographer and instructor, she moves to Barcelona to pursue …READ MORE


Diego Garrido
Dancer / Choreographer / Marketing

Professional Urban dancer since 1999.

During all these years have been dedicated to travel around the world and participate in the most important and value dance events.

As well have been modeling and animating for many advertising companies.

Investigating the fusion of the movements and different expressions formed himself…READ MORE


Facu Martin
Dancer / Music Producer / Webmaster

Music Producer, Contemporary Dancer & professional acrobat

Event organizer and participant animation dance competitions guest on national and international stature, specializing in bboying In its beginnings (2003), gradually transformed into contemporary dancer and researching in depth the fusion between different disciplines derived from…READ MORE


Hector Plaza
Dancer / Graphic Designer / Spokesman

B-boy dancer since 2003. from 2010 he starts to learn another disciplines: house dance, hiphop, tap dance, acrobatics like a self-taught person. in 2013 he starts to learn contemporary dance in Escola Varium, Barcelona. also known as Buba in dance world, he has been invited to big nacional or international events like ‘’Red bull BC one Spain Cypher’’ (madrid) Battle Versus” (Zaragoza)…READ MORE


Luis Muñoz
Dancer / Stylist / Social networks

Bboying dancer since 2003 with a solid foundation in martial arts. Varium currently forming in the school, investigating the merger between different disciplines such as urban dance, contemporary dance and acrobatics. Vanguardismo lover and always looking for ways to renew, has been traveling around Europe representing several competitions and looking for new knowledge.READ MORE


Moises Moe
Dancer / Social Media Manager / Public Relationships

Moises known as “Moe” has cultivated as an autodidact in Bboying (Breakdance) since 2003 and has formed since 2009 in Contemporary Dance. Emphasises the Training School VARIUM 2012-13 or DELTEBRE Dansa Festival 2014, with extras knowledge from other Urban dances, dances Afro-Latin and Butoh. Dancer in company…READ MORE




Represents a apocalyptic world, where it borns one survivor group which communicate through dance. It start the travel to a safety zone. Hip-hop, Acrobatics movements, and contemporary dance merge for créate one lenguaje where the humans and the animals will be one. inviting the viewer to a game of sensory interferences.




 Between the movement and the interaction, some characters begins a introspective travel through the dance. From Nur’s perspective we can see the life through the conexión of the collective. The individual differences and the deepest points of the human race.

Digital Slaves

This company has not come here to give us answers but to nurture questions.
Who is who?
In this society insidiously led by technology, this duo challenges the observer with innumerable wonders.
Who has dominate whom? Who is being programed?
A brief review of the history of tools attempts to raise awareness among the audience. These symbiotic two lifes, dependently and independently cohabiting, will move our mind to the unknown places where dance and ideas are encoded.
Will we wake up before it is too late? Will we correct the bugs of the software?
If we like to remain amused and paralyzed, Digital Slaves is a must-see.


Sin miedos

“After each confrontation, warrior knows that he will never be the same.”
Without Fears (Sin Miedos) starts with the unresolved and premonitory steps of the individual who throws himself to an uninhabited nudity. With no guarantee of success, artists, downcast and oppressed by a history of unfinished business, set forth on a necessary and perilous journey towards the true identity of the self. Throughout dance and its indeterminate language, the viewer is forced to go through a murky and dense path, experiencing the insufficient size of our muddy internal spaces. Drowning within the viscosity of his insecurities, the dancer will drag us into a turbulent intimacy where the darkness only leads into a world of grey hues.


in Limbo

Remains eternal the death for the lived.
Simultaneously, In Limbo imbues the viewer in a revitalizing and near-death experience. Combining dance, painting, voice and troubling scenery, this production aims to find the light into the darkness and the darkness into the light. Inspired by the ambiguity and sensitivity of the verses of Saint Teresa of Jesus, reflections on the spiritual nature of human beings will not allow the audience to remain indifferent. The artists explore a world of paradoxes where creative expression, ephemeral and static, serves as only escape to the inevitable fate of human beings. Because to kill the death with life is to die. But to kill the death with death is to live.


Workshops & Labs

Laboratorio – Mercat de les Flors – Barcelona



Workshop – Hiphop & Breakdance – Ateneu Popular 9 Barris




Workshop – Experimental Dance – VilaReal en Dansa











Fragmento BTV – La MERCÉ – Barcelona



Entrevista – Festival 10 Sentidos – Valencia




Entrevista – Ritmo Urbano TVE – Madrid




Tour dates



Direction & Choreography

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Telf/WhatsApp: +34 635767642 (Moe)


Performing Arts Management

Contact with Fani Benages for booking our performances

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